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Installation and Registration Help
  Please refer to the booklet included with the SOLVENT CD for help with installation, registration, or general usage. Or you can choose to download the SOLVENT Installation Notes in Adobe Acrobat PDF form.

If you still have questions/problems, contact SOLVENT Technical Support. Please describe your problem in detail and be sure to include your product serial number, your name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.


Obtaining Your Registration Password


Once you have installed SOLVENT, the SOLVENT License Manager will assist you with registering your software. Launch the license manager by double-clicking the license manager icon located in the SOLVENT folder on your desktop or by selecting it from the Start Menu (click the Start Menu, choose Programs > SOLVENT). Click Configure License to begin the registration process.

After clicking the Configure License button in the license manager, note the Product ID given in the dialog box and then click Cancel.

Then drop us an e-mail, with SOLVENT REGISTRATION in the subject line of your message. We require:

· The Product ID.
· The Disable ID (only if this is a re-registration).
· The product serial number.
· Your name, e-mail address, and other contact information.

The SOLVENT team will respond with your password as quickly as possible.