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  SOLVENT is a computer program for the analysis of fluid flow, heat transfer, and related processes associated with ventilation flows in vehicular tunnels. It is based on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique for solving the equations governing the fundamental conservation laws. SOLVENT is designed to handle a variety of tunnel ventilation systems including longitudinal ventilation using jet fans, transverse ventilation, and natural ventilation. For a transverse ventilation system, SOLVENT maintains complete coupling between the duct systems and the tunnel. It uses a unique approach based on Flow Network Modeling (FNM) for analyzing the flow and heat transfer in the supply/exhaust ducts. SOLVENT has been extensively validated using the test data from the Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation Test Program.

SOLVENT features a user-friendly graphical preprocessor and a robust and efficient solver. It uses Tecplot as the post-processor. The preprocessor provides an integrated environment for specifying geometry, physical models, computational mesh, and solver control parameters. The solver is based on algorithms with established record of accuracy, robustness, and stability.

SOLVENT comes packaged with a User's Manual, Reference Manual, and the MTFVTP Phase IV Report in its entirety. The Phase IV Report describes the last phase of this historic program and presents the extensive validation of SOLVENT using the Memorial Tunnel fire tests.


  • Multiple ventilation modes (longitudinal ventilation, transverse ventilation, natural ventilation)
  • Steady and transient flows
  • Turbulent flow with buoyancy-augmented k-e model
  • Heat transfer by convection and conduction (in solid regions)
  • Thermal radiation using the six-flux model (optional)
  • Fire represented as time-dependent source of heat and mass
  • Variety of boundary conditions: inflow, outflow, and given-pressure
  • Mass sources and sinks
  • Wall functions with modifications for wall roughness
  • Complete interaction between the ducts and tunnel for transverse ventilation systems
  • Flow network model for ventilation ducts
Want To Learn More?
If you would like to learn more about SOLVENT and how it can be applied to real tunnels, check out the following Adobe Acrobat documents.
 Download Acrobat Reader  PDF Files to Download
MTPhase4-Chapter5 Chapter 5 of the Memorial Tunnel Phase IV Report describing, in detail, the CFD model.
Transverse Model Description of SOLVENT's model for transverse ventilation along with a small portion of the validation work performed during the MTFVTP Phase IV.
 JetFan Model Description of SOLVENT's model for longitudinal ventilation using jet fans. It includes a detailed summary of the validation work performed during the MTFVTP Phase IV.
TWT Matrix Learn how SOLVENT was used to evaluate the emergency ventilation system of the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts, and how to develop an emergency operating mode matrix.