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System Requirements
  For Installing SOLVENT
  • A Pentium processor-based personal computer.
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or later or Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 or later. Note that the SOLVENT_Large executable will not work with Windows 95 due to a limitation in this operating system.
  • A hard drive with at least 25 MB of available space (for the installation only).
  • A CD-ROM drive.
  For Running SOLVENT
  • The RAM required to run SOLVENT varies with the size of the problem. The minimum recommended amounts are:
  o SOLVENT_Small - 128 MB of RAM
o SOLVENT_Medium - 256 MB of RAM
o SOLVENT_Large - 512 MB of RAM
  • The hard disk space required to store the files created during a simulation varies with the size and type of the problem. Small steady-state simulations may require less than 100 MB of space while large, long transient simulations may require more than 1 GB.


  When it comes to RAM, you can never have too much. The same is true of hard disk space. Therefore, for users who expect to use SOLVENT extensively, we recommend having at least 8 GB of hard disk space and 512 MB of RAM.

Access to a CD-Writer (or tape backup system) is beneficial for storing old simulations and maintaining a "clean" hard drive.

At times, depending on the size and type of the simulation, some of the ASCII output files generated during a simulation can be very large. In these cases, Notepad and WordPad (standard Windows programs) are not powerful enough to handle these files efficiently. We suggest obtaining a text editor that is robust enough to handle very large files. There are many very good, robust text editors available on the World Wide Web for little or no cost. We have found that UltraEdit works well.