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Pre- and Post-Processing
  The SOLVENT pre-processor is highly intuitive, easy to learn, and user friendly. It provides an integrated environment for specifying:

  • Ventilation mode
  • Type of analysis (steady/unsteady)
  • Geometry
  • Objects (e.g., jet fans, fire, obstructions) and their properties and characteristics
  • Boundary conditions
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Computational mesh
  • Solution control parameters
  • Post-processing options

SOLVENT produces ASCII data files that are compatible with Tecplot. The data files contain the coordinates of the grid points and local values of velocity components, pressure, temperature, smoke concentration, and turbulence parameters. Using these data files, Tecplot can be used to generate a variety of plots, including xy plots, velocity vectors, and contour plots. The results can be displayed over the entire tunnel geometry or on selected planes. To learn more about the use of Tecplot for post-processing SOLVENT data and how to purchase Tecplot, please contact the SOLVENT Team at info@tunnelfire.com.

The SOLVENT data files are in ASCII format. If you do not have access to Tecplot, you can extract data from these files (the format for reading the data is available in the SOLVENT User's Manual) and create input files for the plotting package of your choice.

Examples of Preprocessor
  GUI Problem Overview Jetfan Dialog Box
SOLVENT Graphical User Interface showing an overview of the problem
The jet fan input dialog box
Examples of Postprocessing
  Temperature contours along a mid-tunnel plane Temperature contours and velocity vectors along three planes
  To view at full size, click on the image