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Memorial Tunnel Interactive CD-ROM & Comprehensive Test Report
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  Getting Started

1. Load the "MEMORIAL" CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. Open the File Manager or (Explorer Win 95/NT) and select your CD-ROM drive. 2. Locate "MEMORIAL.EXE" on the CD-ROM and double-click on it. 3. If you don’t have 16-bit QuickTime for Windows installed, the QuickTime for Windows extensions will automatically be installed on your machine. If you already have a 32-bit version of QuickTime installed on your NT or Win 95 machine, you do not need to be concerned. 16-and 32-bit QuickTime for Windows can coexist on the same machine. 4. Once the QuickTime installation package has completed the install on Windows NT/95 it will automatically re-execute the Memorial.EXE. On Window 3.1 you will need to restart your machine and then follow directions 1&2 from above.


1. Load the "MEMORIAL" CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. When the MEMORIAL CD-ROM icon appears on the desktop, double-click on it. 2. Locate "MEMORIAL.EXE" on the CD-ROM and double-click on it. Note: If you do not have QuickTime installed, you can locate the appropriate version from your Apple Macintosh System Install Disk. Or, there is a folder called "System Install" at the root of the Memorial CD-ROM directory, Drag and Drop the items into your system folder and restart your machine




The following tech notes are excerpts from the read me file on the Memorial CD-ROM ,as well as, additional comments leading to solutions to your technical difficulties. This page will be periodically updated with new technical information as we start to receive users technical feed back. The Memorial website does provide a Memorial Questions and Answers section which contains commonly asked questions about the MEMORIAL CD-ROM's execution, and effect on the different operating systems:

We have performed cross-platform testing which yielded the following information:


Our tests were performed on Power PC 8100 /100 machines with 64 Mb of RAM running System 7.5, several 68040/ Power PC machines with 16MB of RAM, and on a 520 c Powerbook with 24 Mb of RAM, also using System 7.5. No problems were encountered.

Windows 3.1

PC tests on this operating system indicate a fully functional application. The MEMORIAL install routine installs Version 2.0 of QuickTime onto your 16 bit operating system. 8 Mb of RAM on a 486/33 or greater is considered the minimum hardware. We tested this CD with HP Pentium 90s with 96 Mb of RAM and on 486/66 machines with 32 and 16 Mb of RAM. We also tested it on a 120 MHz Toshiba and a 90 MHz Texas Instrument portable, each with 32 Mb of RAM, as well as a Compaq Presario 75 MHz 586 with 16 Mb or RAM.

Windows 95

This CD ROM functioned properly under this operating system. The same considerations as above apply except we recommend 16 Mb of RAM as a minimum. Most of the machines that were tested with Windows 3.1 were also tested for Win 95.

Windows NT

We have had intermittently display problems with text and graphics disappearing on Windows NT. This error is due to the programming application used to develop the Memorial CD and is un-fixable under the current version of the application. Our tests were performed on the same machines for Windows 3.1 and Win 95 tests. See the Q&A section for some possible work arounds to display problems on NT.




1. Disabling all networking, and quitting other applications, prior to running MEMORIAL will greatly improve video and overall program performance.

2. Although 8MB of free RAM is the minimum requirement to run MEMORIAL, you will need 16MB free to ensure acceptable video and QuickTime VR performance.